About the Book

The paperback version of Dancing With Cancer, and how I learnt a few new steps was launched on 28 February, and you can order it from Amazon now. The e-book version can also be ordered from Amazon and other e-book sellers.

The book Dancing with Cancer, and how I learnt a few new steps is a compelling, beautifully written and very moving account of one woman’s journey with cancer.

This autobiography takes us from the traumatic diagnosis of terminal bowel cancer in August 2007, and the devastating prognosis of only a few months to live, to Diana’s final graceful acceptance that she would die soon.

The months became years as Diana began a journey of
meditation, healing, alternative therapies, art and creativity that was to last four and a half years.

Diana’s artwork was created to help her cope with the powerful emotions that played out during this time. Each piece is titled by words she had written on the back of the canvases.

Diana Brueton, 1952 – 2012, was born in Bristol and read Art History at the University of Essex. She was a gifted writer and author who worked for the BBC, the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, and was an artist and art therapist.

She was also a beloved wife, a follower of Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) a mystic and her spiritual teacher. Diana treasured her beautiful home on Dartmoor, in Devon that she shared with her husband, Anand Chetan.

Diana’s other published books are Discovering Meditation, Many Moons and The Sacred Yew, which she co-authored with Chetan.